Andy Serkis Read Trump Tweets as Gollum From 'Lord of the Rings'

Award-winning English actor Andy Serkis is best known for playing the squirming paranoid riddling creature Gollum who has been corrupted by the powerful ring in Lord of the Rings

Serkis appeared on the show to promote his upcoming movie War For The Planet Of The Apes. During an appearance on The Late Show on July 11, Andy Serkis revived his much-loved role for a sensational reading of President Trump's tweets, and it was "precious".

President Donald Trump has a penchant for tweeting most weird and inappropriate and statements.

Serkis effortlessly slipped into the memorable character to read the tweets, which included his now-famous typo: "despite the constant negative press covfefe". "Or so dirty. Purposely incorrect stories and phony sources to meet their agenda of hate".

As interesting as Caesar is, Stephen Colbert is a longtime Lord of the Rings fan, and couldn't resist the temptation to ask Serkis to reprise the role that put him on the map: Gollum.

Serkis gamely agrees to the host Stephen Colbert's request to perform Trump's tweets as the legendary creature and jumps up on the couch to assume a crouched position on the chair
Andy Serkis Just Read Trump's Tweets As Gollum – It Was Precious

The 53-year-old Brit also teased his United Kingdom fans before the show on Tuesday night by tweeting: "I may or may not, have read Presidential Tweets as Gollum".

But would the English author have made of Gollum (Andy Serkis) reading President Trump's tweets with such delicious high-pitched devotion? As Colbert answers with "No one knows..."

His latest film War of the Planet of the Apes hits theatres today.

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NASA spacecraft Juno has completed a close flyby directly over Jupiter's Great Red Spot during its sixth science orbit. But for now, we are just going to enjoy the magnificent view of the greatest storm humanity has ever known.

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